My Demo Dude offers on-going
in-studio voice-over training for
advanced voice-actor on
Tuesday Nights in Baltimore 
from the iHeart Media Studios.


iHeart Media 

711 West 40th Street
2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21211

  • Only 4 People Per Class!!!

  • You Must Audition For This Class!!!

  • Work and Choice Accountability

  • Branding Critiques

  • Business Concepts

  • Conscious Creating Concepts

  • Marketing Concepts

  • Individuals in Workshop Share What Works for Them



Monday Nights, Starting at 7pm


$480.00 Per Person, Every 6 Weeks
(As long as you pay in cash!)

$600.00. Per Person, Every 6 Weeks 
(By Card or PayPal)

more details:

Our Tuesday Night Workshop is by invite
only. You must audition to be accepted in
this workshop. You are expected to pay for your 
workshops in advance, in full and every
6 weeks
. If you pay in cash, each workshop
is only $80.00. If you pay by card or Pay-pal
it is $100.00 per workshop. -Stanley