- script interpretation

- microphone technique

- how to write about your character

- the 5 essential elements of creation

- how to overcome creative mental blocks

more details:

- how to record your auditions

- record two scripts that will be critiqued

- the auditioning process


$78.00 Per Person

Saturday, June 24th 10 am - 3 pm




Stanley is a full-time professional actor, award winning audio producer, and creator of My Demo Dude, Voice of Steel Productions and Radiothon Audio. He has two decades of working voice-over experience; anchored with  years of stage performances, on-camera acting, directing, writing, and producing with the New York Acting Ensemble, the Courtyard Playhouse, the 2nd City-Los Angeles, iHeart Media, and Entercom Media. 

As a voice actor Stan has provided his voice for companies like: Mazda, Carowinds, BOSE, Jacksonville's Transit Authority, The Fisher House Foundation, EA Sports, Hot Spot, Seaworld, Publix, Simon Malls, Bellsouth, and Patches and the Feelings Tree to name a few. 

As a stage actor he has performed in more than a dozen plays such as:  "Last of the Red Hot Lovers", "Beckett", "Broadway Bound", and "Zoo Story" (to name a few).

stanley fisher

about your instructors:

JUNE 24th, 2017


The need for Kid and Teen Voice-Actors continues to grow. This 1-Day/4-Hour workshop will focus on the fundamentals our young artists need to know while learning in a fun, exciting and safe environment. All skill levels are welcome!


We will cover basic business practices, how to audition, the latest technology, recording software and each participant will record 2 scripts while our Directors; Stanley Fisher, Dan Mockersturm direct you through the recording process and critique your work. Once we are complete with their recordings everyone gets to eat PIZZA!


The concepts we teach your child through voice-over will help build confidence and purpose in their lives. These concepts will help them overcome their fear of speaking in public, overcoming shyness, accountability, responsibility, and so much more!

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