Become An Authentic Many Face God

Virtual Education

with Adam Lowery, Stanley Fisher

and Keynote Speaker Xavier Katana

July 6th - 8pm

what you'll learn:


- Learn the "WHY" in audition rejections. 

- Learn how to deal with life or business 



- Learn how to deal with the negativity after so many auditon rejections.

- Learn how to stay out of your own way.

- Learn to build self competence using RSA, and apply the Truth Principle and beliefs form perceptions.

- Learn how to overcome creative mental blocks.


Become An Authentic Many Face God Webinar/Virtual Education

$30 Per Person

Wednesday, July 6th 

8pm EST/5pm PST

Unlimited Slots Available

Via GoTo Webinar

Hosted by:

Adam Lowery, Stanley Fisher

Xavier Katana


about your instructors:

adam lowery

Adam Lowery is a Mental Health Author, Master Mental Health Counselor, Trainer, Speaker, Podcaster, Film Maker & Treatment Activist. He is the Founder of Dollar Mental Health Club, The Tribe of Change & The Fullsynergy Group LLC, a wellness group changing the way you take care of you.

In his heart he is a father, husband, friend, author and activist. In his spirit he is a teacher and protector whose passion is helping others challenge themselves to cultivate their authentic self, and live an enthusiastic life.Through an violent childhood Adam focused on his dream to play professional football. But a college injury ended his NFL dreams. Depressed and angry, he chose a life of crime that quickly entwined with addiction, violence and much regret. Barely surviving “the life”, he transitioned to the nightclub business a saw quick success. But addiction followed, and the void remained masked by money and “the scene”. After one random night of life and self contemplation, he gave it all up, gave away what he no longer needed, left everything behind and embarked on his walkabout, his “Spiritual Rampage”. For two years he wondered from the Florida Keys to Tennessee, even a First Nation Reservation in New Mexico. Adam returned home on a mission to change self, and help others.

Within 3 years he completed two degrees, would go on to found Transrational Structural Behavior Theory (TSBT), publish “The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation”, as the application of TSBT, launch a now ranked podcast, and will soon be releasing his first documentary film. This film is based on his manifesto “Chemical Incarceration, addicted to the process”, which details his experience working inside the addiction treatment industrial complex. He is currently co-authoring with performance expert and author Dr. Bobby Hoffman, “Hacking Motivation” which is due out December 2016. He is also presently writing his third book. A titled he chooses to keep private for now.

Adam Cognitively Rampages from, and on, various media platforms on all things mental health and training, preventative verses reactive mental health, addiction treatment, life transitions, motivation and performance, new and controversial mental health treatments, social issues connected to mental health, and sports related mental health. Adam is also quite transparent about his Scorsese like life experiences. He hosts mental training workshops, provides mental training to individuals and organizations, while specializing in high performance athletes mental training.

“I believe uncomfortable is where the change is. I believe mental training is the future. Preventative mental health is life optimization in practice. I believe in the power of you.” -Adam Lowery

stanley fisher

Stan is a full-time professional actor, award winning audio producer, and CEO/creator of Stanley Fisher CreativeMy Demo DudeVoice of Steel Productions and Radiothon Audio. He has two decades of working voiceover experience; anchored with  years of stage performances, on-camera acting, directing, writing, and producing with the New York Acting Ensemble, the Courtyard Playhouse, the 2nd City-Los Angeles, iHeartmedia, and Entercom Media. 

As a voice actor Stan has provided his voice for companies like: Carowinds, The Fisher House Foundation, EA Sports, Hot Spot, Wal-Mart, Seaworld, Publix, Simon Malls, BOSE, Bellsouth, and Patches and the Feelings Tree to name a few. 

As a stage actor he has performed in more than a dozen plays such as:  "Last of the Red Hot Lovers", "Beckett", "Broadway Bound", and "Zoo Story" (to name a few). 

keynote speaker

xavier katana

Xavier is the Host and Executive Producer of the The Human Experience Podcast.


This podcast fuses the left and right hemispheres of your brain to make you a combat ready interstellar ninja, one show at a time.


He really enjoy's helping, informing and entertaining people. They do their best to keep their content fresh so look for them on a weekly basis as they slowly conquer the podcast-o-sphere. Your braincells will thank you and so will they. 

To learn more about The Human Experience Podcast:



Simply being an actor or actress does not qualify. As artists or "humans" we can sometimes get in our own way stopping or not knowing how to create a process to achieve our goals. Maybe we don't have enough confidence to trust ourselves and "put it on the line". 


Maybe you have and maybe you have not heard, but landing roles is NOT a slot machine. This is not always a game of chance or luck. You can't just keep pulling and expecting based on assumptions of inauthenticity. Have you ever heard, "he or she was born for this role."? Well so were you. 


In order to become a "Many Face God", you must become nothing. Being able to leave everything that is you for the moment to become the face you are choosing. In order to connect to a role or script, you must first connect with yourself. If you don't know first (self), who you authentically are, then you don't know what part of you and your life is contaminating the faces or your process of creation.