1 on 1 with Richie

Richie and I had fun last night. We snuck a late night Skype V.O. session in because he has had a busy week. Our conversations are supposed to be about the voice over industry. However, lately they have changed direction and I am sharing my knowledge of the corporate world.

I'm trying to help Richie get started down a path he really wants to go down but these obstacles are keeping him from growing.

The biggest obstacle in his life is himself! It's hard to rise above any situation or accomplish your goals when you are in this space. I shared a story about a run in I had with a seller at my last job. I told him about how this person basically said he could do my job better than me. Instead of laying back and being cool, I got mad, took it personal and was bound to show this person they were wrong. Learning how to communicate and keep a cool head and a warm heart in this moment is key to your success. If you get emotional, you are done because you give up your power.

As Richie grows he will learn about which battles he should fight. Some battles...just aren't worth it! Richie has been one of my better students. He has an outstanding delivery, a huge heart and he's a hard worker!

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