We are not a mass producing demo production company. Everything we create is unique, thought out and well planned based on the actors needs, abilities and the allotted time for post production.

We understand that in today's economy it's hard to generate the money needed to invest into your career. Although our rate card is based on industry standard, we try to help working actors achieve their goals. We have been known to adjust our rates or create a payment plan if our working relationship is a good fit. Our process for creating is the same regardless of what you pay because we do not want an actor showcasing a low quality version of our work.
Let's be honest, not everyone is meant to work in this entertainment industry. That reality can be hard to swallow when you want something desperately. We created a consultation process to ensure what you are spending money on is a good fit for you and for us. We want to collaborate with artists that are humble, patient and loving to the creative process. We are not a mass producing demo company. We will turn away work if we feel it is not a good fit.

Our mission at My Demo Dude is to create premier audio and film demos for the working or soon to be working voice and film actor, while providing unique educational webinars, workshops and 1 on 1 coaching to help the working artist grow.

To that end, we commit to be: passionately focused on customer value, intolerant of drama, dedicated to the dignity, value, employment security of our staff and have a boatload of fun.

Thank You!
Stanley Fisher
Creator of My Demo Dude

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