Creating a portfolio requires the right amount of time, experience, and professionalism from both the actor and audio producer. Because of this, your consultation will include an assessment of your vocal skills and professional goals to ensure that our service is the best fit for your voiceover future. 


My Demo Dude takes pride in the service that we offer for both aspiring and established voice actors; for this reason, we can only work with those who have the skill set capable of handling this process. However, we also offer an educational program to help you develop essential voiceover skills. If My Demo Dude and you are not a good fit, we will recommend other reputable services who can better address your needs.



Recording Process


To begin the recording process, we will work together to find the perfect scripts for you based on your professional goals. The idea is to collect scripts you would actually be book for. 

Once the scripts have been selected, you will meet the producer either in person or over Skype to review the recording protocol. 


The last step will be in the studio, where we record you performing your scripts. When planned out correctly, this process is both fun and educational. Plus, you get to experience what it is like to be in a real recording session!



This part of the process is performed solely by the producer and can take a few weeks to complete. Not only does your demo represent your vocal abilities, it also represents our competency as an audio producer, so this is a very important step for both of us.


Once your project is finalized, you will receive a professional-quality demo that you can be proud of.


Our producer, Stanley Fisher, has over 20 years of experience creating radio commercials, children's audio books, internet and app audio, and hundreds of demos for working voice actors. In 2015, he single handedly launched the careers of 11 voice actors.   


That's my demo dude.....


Ian Russell / Voice Actor / Greenville, SC

"Since moving to the US from the UK, Stan Fisher has coached, mentored, produced and mastered 5 different demos for me (Commercial, Luxury Commercial, Automotive, VideoGame and Irish). I have booked work from every single one of them. Some of the more recognisable client organisations are listed here: Infiniti, Mastercard, The United Nations, PayDay 2 and several St Patricks Day Promos. His work also assisted in gaining additional agency representation from Alexander White Agency, Umberger Agency, In Both Ears, Chatterbox Voices and Great British Voices. If you are looking for a VO Coach, a demo producer and mentor, Stan is a pleasure to work with and will do all in his power to help you with your VO career. He certainly has for me. I sincerely hope we can continue to collaborate for many years to come and I recommend him very highly!"

Martha Kahn / Voice Actor and Coach / San Diego, CA

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Stanley Fisher on several demos for kids. Our first demo resulted in the child landing one of the biggest talent agents in LA! Stanley Listens...and then sets in motion the pieces to make for a great, technically sound, wonderfully engineered and unique demo for each actor. 

Dallas Freeman / Voice Actor / Greenville, SC

"The demos Stanley made for me have gotten me more work by themselves than I've booked with auditions; and with my biggest clients too, such as IBM and UPS. They helped launch my voice over career. In addition to the killer demo crafting, Stanley has been a mentor to me in my career since I began in the industry, helping me develop my skills and grow as an artist. In audio production, acting, and business, the man knows what he's talking about."

Jessica Pratt / Parent of Child Voice Actor / Orlando, FL

"Stanley produced  my son's  two VO demos He did such an amazing job! My son has booked many jobs from them. Stanley  really  gets to know you and finds your best right away.  I  would recommend him to anyone who wants a professional and talented producer who will bring out the best in you every time."

Jen Tessemer / Parent of Child Voice Actor / Orlando, FL

"My son first met Stan a few years ago. He had not done voice over yet nor had any training, even though he had been in the business for many years. Even with a minor lisp, Stan believed in him which gave him the confidence to buy a microphone and give it a go. He went to speech lessons for a year and worked again with Stan. Stan was not only thrilled with his progressions, but had us stay after and they produced a fantastic voice over demo reel. His manager, Southeast agent, and L.A. agent were very impressed with the demo and he continues to audition for voice overs on a regular basis. I have no doubt that if it was not for Stan's encouragement and hard work, my son would not have voice over representation and probably would have not continued to strengthen his craft."

Stacy Ann Raposa / Actor / Los Angeles, CA

Working with Stan was both fun and educational. He really knows his stuff and is a perfectionist when it comes to making demos. This is exactly what you want in someone who is creating your reel. He approaches the work with a fun, easy-going attitude but he pushes you until you get it right, which is a valuable experience for an artist. Stan is professional, fun to work with and an all-around cool guy. Whether you need coaching, a demo reel or both, I highly recommend the services that Stan can provide. 

Freddie Colton / Actor / Charleston, SC

Stan was the man who personally started my interest in Voice Over. When Stanley started working with me, I was a high school student at The Fine Arts Center (Greenville, SC), specializing in theatre. If it were not for Stanley's patience and guidance I would have never started professional work at the age of 18. Without the Dude himself, I and many far more successful Voice Actors would have never started their Voice Over careers. Working with Stanley is more then walking into a studio to have someone lazily edit your first take then kick you out. Stanley works with you to make sure that you get a professional quality demo. He cares about the process and the relationship. My demos have booked gigs with companies like Adidas, Boost Mobile, YouTube channels, most commonly Samination, and more. If you want a professional and friendly man to work with, give the Demo Dude a call!